IEU Logo


Hello IEU students. Have you ever thought about our IEU logo? Do you know what it means? When one lecturer asked me same question I thought answer was obvious. Letter I on our logo is for Izmir and nothing else, but later I realized it is not just that.

As Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles world.” So first, I asked students to hear their “imaginations”. Some students said it symbolizes sunset, some mentioned that it looks like the shape of gulf; others thought that it’s connected to chamber of commerce. About color I heard it is orange due to high number of orange and tangerine (mandalina) trees in Izmir.

All of the answers are unique, but the fact is a bit different: letter I stands for Izmir, the white circle is symbol of world and the bottom symbolizes wavy sea, fluctuations of economy and education, meaning that this waves (education, economy) affect the world. Color has no specific meaning.  

Elene Murvanidze