Keynote speakers

Nejat Ulusay

Nejat Ulusay is an Assoc. Prof. teaching at the Department of Radio, Television and Cinema in Ankara University Faculty of Communication. His reasearch interests range across fields such as contemporary world cinemas, Turkish cinema and film genres. He is one of the leading and most influential film scholars in Turkey. He has received his PhD at University of Warwick in UK, and is the author of various works including one of the most important books on migration related cinema in Turkey titled Melez İmgeler: Sinema ve Ulusötesi Oluşumlar (Hybrid Images: Cinema and Transnational Occurrences).

Ayşe Polat

Born in 1970 in Malatya, in 1978 Ayse Polat migrated to Hamburg, Germany with her family. She studied German literature, philosophy and cultural studies at universities in Bremen and Berlin. After making numerous award-winning short films, she made her first feature film Auslandstournee in 1999 which was shown on many international film festivals. Her second feature film En Garde, which she made in 2004, won international acclaim and numerous awards. In 2008 Polat moved from Hamburg to Berlin, where she founded her own production company PunktPunktPunkt Filmproduktion, with which she completed her latest feature film, Luks Glück, in 2010.

Nezih Erdoğan

A prominent Turkish film scholar, Prof.Dr. Nezih Erdoğan has worked as a senior faculty member and as an academic administrator in various communication departments in Turkey including Bilkent, Bahçeşehir, and Bilgi universities. His major contribution to the literature has been on issues such as identity, melodrama, modernization and popular culture all with a particular emphasis on cinema in Turkey. He is the author of many articles most of which have been highly influential in shaping the field of film studies in Turkey. Prof.Dr. Erdoğan is currently teaching at Bilgi University.