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March, 13 (Wednesday)

10.00-10.15    Tea/Coffee

10.15-10.30    Welcome speech
Professor Sevda Alankuş (Dean of Faculty of Communication)

10.30-11.15    Keynote speech
Professor Emeritus John Downing (Global Media Research Center, Southern Illinois University), Recent approaches to social movement media: a critique

11.15-11.30    Tea/Coffee

11.30-13.00    Panel I
Social movements and politics
Moderator: John Downing (Global Media Research Center, SIU)
Pantelis Vatikiotis & Zafer Yöruk (IUE), New media and social movements in Europe and the Middle East
İlke Şanlıer Yüksel (Doğuş University) & Murat Yüksel (Koç University), New forms of activism and communication in transnational social movements: lessons from the case of Resistanbul
Beybin Kejanlıoğlu (Turkish Communication Research Association,
ILAD) & Salvatore Scifo (Maltepe university), Why to avoid clear-cut definitions of alternative journalism: case of Turkey

13.00-14.00    Lunch

14.00-15.30    Panel II
Alternative cultural & media practices
Panel Moderator: Nadire Mater (BİA)
– Süreyyya Evren (Writer), Twitter personas, their political function and their social correspondence
Lyndon Way (IUE), Dissonant note by dissonant note: musical expressions of Turkish dissent
Ülkü Doğanay and İlkay Kara (Ankara University), Alternative video Workshops in Turkey: A case of Radical-MediaPractice

15.30-16.30    Tea/Coffee

16.30-18.15    Screening: RED!

19.00-21.00    Welcome Dinner, La Cigale Levent Marina

March, 14 (Thursday)

10.30-11.15    Keynote speech
Marco Kühne ( media e.V.), Video/grassroots/action-alternative media focussing movement and resistance

11.15-11.30    Tea/Coffee

11.15-17.00    Parallel Event: Street Art Performance Fresk (IUE)

11.30-13.00    Panel I
Notes on media activism
Panel Moderator: Zafer Yörük (IUE)
Anita Sezgener (Editor/Poetess), Cin Ayşe: An independent media experience
– Yetkin Sal (Activist in Alternatif Enformatics Association), Phorm: A digital media experience
Emrah Zıraman (Mimar Sinan University) & Altuğ Akın (IUE), Power struggles and three forms of resistance in Turkish online environment

13.00-14.00    Lunch

14.00-15.30    Panel II
Civil society, media and networks
Panel Moderator: Gökçen Karanfil (IUE)
Aysun Akan & Pantelis Vatikiotis (IUE), Local resistance against HES
– Erdinç Ergenç (Editor in IHD-Dünya), Rethinking Turkish journalists and journalism in an era of social networks
Burak Doğu (IUE), Framing online media: A comparative analysis on alternative and mainstream news coverage of TEKEL workers protest

15.30-16.00    Tea/Coffee

16.00-17.00    Follow up discussion
– John Downing (Global Media Research Center, SIU)
– Sevda Alankuş (IUE)
– Nadire Mater (BIA)