Abstract: Ülkü Doğanay & İlkay Kara

Ülkü Doğanay & İlkay Kara
Activist video workshops in Turkey- A Case of Radical Media Practice

Studies on radical alternative media, while developing standards regarding the ownership structure, editorial process and content of the text, also disclose its relationship with social movements and try to posit radical alternative media based on this relationship. This study focuses on video activism in Turkey as an example of radical alternative media by taking into consideration the above mentioned standards, on which it can be said that there is a certain consensus. The works and practices of two activist video workshops named BalıkBilir and KaraHaber are described based on face-to-face and written interviews. Both of the groups can be regarded as examples of radical alternative media since they are positioned outside commercial bonds, they have got a horizontal operational structure and they enable the popularization of oppositionary ideas which are excluded from the mainstream media. But it should also be stated that while producing alternative news videos, it is not so easy to overcome the tension between documenting the voice of the street, conveying it objectively and including the interpretation of the recorder as an activist. This question remains to be discussed.