Abstract: İlke Şanlıer Yüksel & Murat Yüksel

İlke Şanlıer Yüksel & Murat Yüksel
New forms of activism and communication in transnational social movements: lessons from the case of Resistanbul

Resistanbul, a transnational anti-capitalist action network, was formed by a coalition of activists in May 2009 to mobilize and coordinate wide-scale, mass demonstrations against International Monetary Fund and World Bank meetings scheduled to be held in İstanbul in October 2009. Resistanbul is basically an umbrella protest network, an internetworked “hyper-organization” of anti-globalization. In our analysis of Resistanbul, we explore the ways in which a transnational activist network based in Turkey communicates among its active members as well as with the public it seeks to influence. This includes attending to how the Internet has been used to mobilize supporters and organize protest actions as well as the movement’s efforts to attract mass media attention. With reference to the recent key debates in the field of new social movements and the media, we also discuss and reflect on how local and transnational social movements now often interpenetrate and mutually affect each other through contemporary forms of mediated protests.