For Lasswell, propaganda is a tool to gain the support of masses. Propaganda reaches the masses via the communication tool such as telephone, print media, radio and cinema. So media mainly support effective circulation of symbols and it is positioned as powerful tool.Government manages the opinion of masses via propaganda and this technique more economical than using violence or corruption. Also, propaganda is a moral instrument.

Propaganda in the view of Public Attention

A Collection of Posters Explaining Laswell’s Approach to Mass Communication Research

Influenced by contemporary events of the age, Laswell’s (1902-1978) works were mainly based on instruments, especially propaganda, for governmental management of opinion by the public. Either used for good or evil purposes, Laswell was of the opinion that propaganda is a way to show collectivity, a kind of democracy yielding to certain actions. At below, you shall find a pile of posters published by the Allied Forces during the Second World War, all having impulses for the public so as to take an action especially in the daily life and attain their support against the Enemies: