Organic Food – A Natural Lifestyle

People are so concerned about what they eat more than ever. Is this situation only related to having a healty life or is it because we read continually about it in newpapers or magazines.

The fact is that the mass media promotes natural lifestyles, healty foods, and organic products. Not only the foods, but also people can find any kind of organic clothes, skin care products,and even cleansers for their houses.

In every television channel there is a program about organic foods and natural lifestyle.And as a result the demand for these kinds of products increase rapidly.

The research about the recent growth patterns in the U.S. organic foods market, which is conducted by Economic Research Service/USDA shows the finding how it increased in recent years. You can find a link below for the said research.

Modernity connection with The West and The Rest

Modernity process has been occuring in east side countries with the domination from west countries. “The West and The Rest” term is a well known description in this problem through years.

 Mostly, as we have mentioned,  media play a great role to create these similar worlds between different countries. I want to give an example which is about a photo taken by National Geographic reporter in Afghanistan years ago. We all know about this young girl natural photo. Years later same reporter went to Afghanistan and found same woman, but suprisingly she did not never ever see this photo or cover before. She had hard life and has never been interact with media. In Turkey, we all know this photo. So in the end, we get the idea that there are still reagons which are never interact with media as us. They live in their small world with several suffers.

Another side of the problem is, effected countries from the West. I can give an example again from television serials and reality shows which Turkey always imitate and implement these ideas and visuals. People in Turkey act like American actors, juries and competitors. People who view these shows feels like them. We are all motivated by American culture and entertainment culture without question.
These are two well designed books about this topic which i want to recommend.

1. Civilization: The West and The Rest:

2. The Media and Modernity: A Social Theory of the Media : 

Peasant Resistant in Bergama Turkey: Participation Paradigm

The meaning of “participation” is often a explanation of the organizational culture defining it. Participation has been variously described as essential within agencies as it is in the field and as an educational and empowering process necessary to correct power imbalances between rich and poor. It has been conceived to embrace the idea that all “stakeholders” should take part in decision making and it has been more described as the extraction of local knowledge to design programs and changes. In this manner, resulting of development communication failure which the paradigm tries to shape society without considering traditions, belief, attitudes of human, participation paradigm recognized wide cultural differences between different parts of the world.
The central idea of the paradigm is that there is no universal development model; development is an integral, multi-dimensional, and dialectic process that can differ from society to society’. Because of the different understandings of development across different societies, the needs of a development project have to be defined by the people involved in the situation rather than by However, participation paradigm could be used to by locals who want to fight against environmental, social changes.

Eurogold, Bergama struggle is an good example for participation paradigm but vice versa. Eurogold (a multinational company formed by Canada, Australia and Germany) came to Turkey as a result of invitation by Ex-president Turgut Özal -Turkish version of Thatcher and Reagan- in order to search for gold mines on Bergama region which is close to İzmir. The company would use cyanide for extracting gold from earth and thus damage their natural environment. Peasants have realized what will happen to them if they would let the company operate after watching a documentary from New Zealand on TV. As a result of the act, they started their resistance moments. Eurogold invited journalists to Bergama in order to take media into its service. However the peasants cut off the road of the bus while shouting, “We do not want gold with cyanide”.
With this act, a long lasting fight has been started between peasants and Eurogold. Like Eurogold, peasants are also use media but alternative one to announce that cyanide will be ruining their village and environment. After many years, the peasant movement is still ongoing without any result. The resistance of the peasant people in Bergama is a symbol for many reasons. The peasants of started when they watched a “gold rush” experience, which took place in New Zealand and discussed the harms. Global neo-liberalism is got caught on the communication networks

What is the Difference?

Once, I encountered with a story. I would like to share it with you as far as I recall since I reckon it is relevant to this week’s topic.

There is a big business giant making shoe manufacturing. Once, the general manager tries to define a new strategy to have great profits. Therefore, he sends one of his personnel to make market research in one of the underdeveloped countries in Africa. The responsible researcher goes there and what he comes up with the idea is that it would not be so profitable to make marketing and sales there since the local people walk on barefoot. However, after a while the firm sends another researcher to the same place. After returning back to the premise, the researcher says: “There is a great potential there because no one wears shoe; we should start marketing right away.”

What makes me think about this story is that there can different kinds of views and purposes over an issue. The more variety to which people and set their mind, the more results they get. Here, we can evaluate the story in two ways: the first one tells us that sometimes it can be hard to overreach the established regulations or traditions when something new is planned to be introduced. On the other hand, the latter fact shows us that sometimes a deficiency can yield to alternative and even advantageous consequences. Here, the second researcher has gone that place and seen that well the people do not have a shoe to wear; but this is not necessarily mean that it is impossible to make them wear.

As far as this week’s topic is considered, we have discussed about dominant and participatory paradigm. Following the first example, we can see that being barefoot is a king kind of established regulation, a convention even though there are certain economic development problems. Therefore, the researcher is of the opinion that it is not logical to start advertisement campaigns, marketing, etc. through the media since this society is closed to outer novelties according to the dominant paradigm. However, what the second researcher comes up with that they can introduce the new product to their potential market by means of certain media there. How they manage this is only possible with the help of the local people in disseminating the idea as far as the participatory paradigm is taken into account. There are, of course, some disadvantages and advantages at stake; but this is a matter of what people aspire to achieve and how far they want to get while introducing something new.