Street Art: Alternative form of media

Street art is an alternative media that uses many different performances to spread an idea of an individual or a group of people. An example is Kenya’s people who use street performance to talk about the severity of their impoverishment. Another example is people from all over the world who make graffiti in order to show everyone else who they are. There is no one set truth for street art, it comes from people for all different situations, but all want their ideas heard by others who might understand. Another example of street art can be the street performances in Jemaa el Fnaa- main square in Marrakech- called Halqa/Storytelling, a traditional way of entertaining the masses, telling historical stories, as well as criticizing the system through jokes and stories. Many of the entertainers make a living out of it. The Halqa has emerged in the 1960s and 1970s in different parts of Morocco, mainly in Beni Mellal and Marrakech, which is still a famous destination for locals and foreigners.
This street performance is a form of art that grants the storytellers freedom of expression: it is a getaway from the mainstream. The Halqa gathers people around the storyteller/hlayqi, forming a circle. The stories told are usually about social problems or about some great figures in history and religion. The stories can be sang, told as jokes, or simply told as tales. Halqa resembles theater in its structure, knowing that both are spectacles offered to the public. During the holy month, Ramadan, people meet in the square, listen to stories meanwhile the Imam calls for prayer to break their fast. The crowd heads home, then comes back to finish the story.