Artwork And Movements Behalf Of Alternative


I want to start with crucial points from article which is called ‘Art, Aesthetic, Radical Media and Communication’. In this article, the concent encircles about relations between art and media. In order to evaluate this relation, there are three movement are evaluated. These are called Dada movement, Surrealists, and Situationists. How these are shaped was that in terms of war,  political events  so through these movements, we come to term ‘art work’.  According to Walter Benjamin (1973)  ‘artworks which in the era of technical reproducibility.’ On the other hand, Bertolt Brecht and Erwin Piscator who injected a series of new dimensions into theatrical performance during the 1920s. They worked in Germany. Also, their works reflected to films so undoubtedly, what I learn from this article is that yes there were some movements which were shaped by political conditions and reacted situations and then we get access to artworks and we see creative paintings which are meaningful for painters.

Now, I want to give knowledges about movements from different sources to have and idea. Dada movement was the first one and I think that which enfoulded shaping other movements.. Dada emerged in Germany in 1916 as a collaboration between artists of several nations including Germany, France, and Switzerland. Initially, it was conceived as an anti-war art movement, and much of the early work takes the form of protest art. The movement chose the name “Dada” by inserting a slip of paper into a French dictionary and choosing the word it landed on, which happens to mean a hobbyhorse or child’s toy. ( Also, I give one example of Dadaism. The link is here to see  ( In this picture, there were crucial people who were from different areas like politician, balet dancer, physicist, philosopher from different angles who were defragment in the same place so if I evaluate dada art, there won’t be any special rule which apply in paintings from dissimilar drawing. It isn’t react something although it emerged in war time so according to dada, we have chance to dissimilar paintings from painters’ point of view.

The other movement,after Dada, was Surrealism. The Surrealists movement was founded in Paris by a small group of writers and artists who sought to channel the unconscious as a means to unlock the power of the imagination.( It is different than Dada movement because it uses Cubism, it engages with unconscious because they want to reflect unconscious thing to their paintings and especially they were inspired by Freud.

I want to give some examples about Surrealist picture. And then I evaluate their common points.

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so what common characteristic of this painting are they are shaped in terms of different things and they aren’t relevant to each other. They show to us out of familiar things and I think that they represent to think our world, things which we know from dissimilar angles. It isn’t service specific purpose but they work to budge on their paintings with their unconsciousness.

Last movement is called Situationists. They originated in a small band of avante-garde artists and intellectuals influenced by Dada, Surrealism and Lettrism.  The Situationists increasingly applied their critique not only in culture but to all aspects of capitalist society. ( so if I compare Situationists to other movements, it is quite reactionary and I think it is more realistic picture than others because it shows us that realities of the world which we live in in terms of economic frame.

As I think that relatedness of these movements behalf of alternativeness, it encircles with colours, drawings. It isn’t any written thing , defenders of these movements reflect their ideas, their opinions, their inner world to us whether we understand or not. Also, they show us to creativeness because it is subjective because it isn’t restricted in any way. Especially, for example Dadaism, it combines things or people in the same picture but some people don’t understand what its meaning or what it implies for us. On the other hand, Surrealism is so meaningless because it defragments components which are irrelevant with each other and represents to us utopic picture which won’t realize and won’t see in real world. Actually, it detachs us from real world but generally, according to these movements which were developed by painter and shaped in terms of specific issues and so  we see that how people use their own perpectives and use their reflections to their paintings about our social life so what they represent to us is alternative works behalf of dissimilar contents with paintings but at that time defenders of these movements reflect or react but today is it possible to say that they are free , they don’t encounter pressures?