Artistic Way of Communication: Advertisement

Some argue that advertising is a type of art. On the other hand, there are many people state that, advertising should be considered as a scientific way of persuasion. However, in my opinion, advertising is a combination of both artistic and scientific components which are combined to persuade people or give information. Furthermore, I see advertisements as a type of alternative media. The reason for this, people can be informed about events by advertisements. Especially those events, which cannot find place for themselves in mainstream channels, for being contradictory to interests of media owners or stakeholders of different companies. In other words, in advertisments there are not only images that aim to persuade people to consume a particular product.

Images can be used to persuade you to stop obeying the status quo, to change your mind for a specific attitude or just make you act for a change. It is easy to draw attention and impress people for advertisements since they are artistic and shocking. Therefore, advertisement is a very effective way of communication to change an attitude, inform people or give information. Below there are some examples for my statements.