Reduce cost and improve by open sources softwares

Turkish idiom said that, two hands better than a hand. Commons knowledge is the best practice for it. Wide places are ensured for Wikipedia and similar practice by commons knowledge.
What is commons knowledge? If you write on tool of Wikipedia, what is common knowledge, you find this reply: “Common knowledge is knowledge that is known by everyone or nearly everyone, usually with reference to the community in which the term is used. Common knowledge need not concern one specific subject, e.g., science or history. Rather, common knowledge can be about a broad range of subjects, including science, literature, history, entertainment etc. Often, common knowledge does not need to be cited. Common knowledge is distinct from general knowledge. The latter has been defined by differential psychologists as referring to ‘culturally valued knowledge communicated by a range of non-specialist media’, and is considered an aspect of ability related to intelligence. Therefore there are substantial individual differences in general knowledge as opposed to common knowledge”.
But on the other hand, commons knowledge has to utilize another side which called software and open sources. Software and open sources are producing plenty of practices, which most knows is Linux, for commons knowledge. Together to produce is developer movement.
For instance, Samsung uses this way. Samsung works with wide numerous of scholars at many countries and universities. In this way, the project that produces in somewhere can develop by another scholar. These ways of work reduces costs and improve the project for Samsung. Hence, in recent years, Samsung has carried out a major attack against its rivals.