Online revolution via Twitter

6 years before, Thomas J. Watson Research Center Manager of the Management for Business Integrity Dr. Yurdaer Doğanata was guest for give a lecture to Izmir University. In his lecture, Dr. Doğanata said that: “There was a big earthquake in China five years before. China Geology Center did not explain anything in 3 months. Because, they wanted to be certain about earthquake degree. But, billions of Chinese, who were member of Twitter in US, became organized in half an hour. They started to collect donation in some bank accounts after the earthquake. Because, great number of Chinese tweets when the earthquake was continuing”. (Izmir University,, 2013. Access date: 25 May 2014)
Second example is from Turkey. There was a big fire of mine in Soma in Turkey. 301 employees died in incident. More than 4 million tweets about the incident were taken in a week. Yaşar University Faculty of Communication Asst. Prof. Dr. Özlem Aşman Alikılıç gave an interview about it. She said that using of social media is increasing after the social events. People are following the social events via traditional media and social media. Moreover, participatory journalism is increasing very fast. Everyone produce their own data about social events. Because of this, people preferred the space on social media for mourn about Soma”. (Yaşar University,, 2014. Access date: 25 May 2014)
Battle fields were important in the past. Arenas were important for the democracy. Nonetheless, populations of countries are not allowed the gather. Habits are changing. Wars are became digital in 21th century (Ali Alışır, Star Newspaper,, 2013. Access date: 25 May 2014). In recent days, social media is important for shown the resistance. Plenty of people became organized on the Twitter for the Gezi resistance and Arab Spring. According to Alikılıç, these conditions are taken into consideration by governments. Therefore, people prefer the gather on the social media.