Public Ground of Interaction

Public Access Television first emerged in Canada and spread to the USA during the 1960s until the 2000s. It is a free speech program, where random people get to talk about different topic of their interest, these can be about healthcare, relationships, life lessons, as well as religion, social events, economic concerns, new trends, useful beauty tips, cooking and lifestyle. The public access television can be seen as a forum where everyone interacts with everyone on a live basis, and where a great number of people get to share their opinions with the public. This can also be done through forums on the internet or though the radio. These can be considered as forms of communication, however, being seen on television, while participating in live discussions and having the chance to talk in front of a live audience, surely is a different experience which requires self-confidence.
An example can be Manchester Public Access Television in Connecticut. This channel still runs nowadays. It provides equipment and training for users to create and produce their own shows: You produce it, we air it! It is a great chance for creative expression and opportunity to educate, inform and entertain friends and neighbors. It is also an opportunity and alternative for people to express themselves and tie the bonds with each other. This project will help people get to know each other, reinforce the communication, create a warm and safe ground for all, as well as share opinions and interests.