Underground Press in Morocco

Underground press is a kind of press where one can represent their views, which are generally not accepted, in opposition to established ideas, rules and systems; such as magazines. “Nichane” – meaning straightforward in the Moroccan dialect – is or let’s say was a weekly moroccan magazine that used jokes to criticize the system, putting emphasis on taboos, political and social scandals, etc. The magazine has been censored in 2010, due to the use of offensive words towards the Moroccan King. However, Nichane had managed to come closer to the Moroccan readers and put all the barriers aside, using daily life language to uncover the reality of the society and be open about it; which the mainstream media fail to do. Despite of the language it used, I myself was a fan of this magazine, because it was the most concrete and realest thing to read and still believe. As I mentioned in a previous comment on alternative media, the latter are now considered as a threat to the mainstream ones and a weapon that kills every opportunity of being surreal, this is why the magazine has been officially censored from the public, but however, left its mark on the internet and on social networks, under www.nichane.com