Agenda-setting causes the spiral of silence

Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann ,who is a political scientist, thought that the spiral of silence is not thought without the agenda-setting theory.She believed that public opinion is shaped by the helping of the media. As a result of this, the people in the societies shape their thoughts according to the media and Media is the strongest tool between these two theories according to her (which are agenda setting and spiral of silence)

And in my opinion she is right because agenda setting means to determine the journal.And while media was determining the journal at the same time it emphasized the sound of the majority. Alternative thoughts or minorities are not found any place for themselves in this process and all these things create the spiral of silence.Individulas started to think according to the majority because of fear of isolation and exclusion.

If we give an example from the past;Hitler was convinced the German nation that they are the most powerful race in the world by using the media tools of that period.Some people believed this situation but some of them although did not believe,they keep quiet because of fear of hitler’s management and fear of isolation.They convinced this case.