The technology is the center of the world in lately. Thanks to the technology we are capable of doing various things and we can try to adapt modern life.

Let’s take a usual day as an example. We get up, we turn the TV on and we read something via our tablet or PC. During the day we work with our computer while we are drinking coffee from coffee machine and so on.

In a technological process we use various types of technologies but the vicious question is that the technology facilitate or limits our world?

Thanks to the advances in technology now we can able to do everything faster than we did in the past. With the industrialization, everything becomes quicker for example via internet we can work and do shopping at the same time. We don’t need an extra time to catch something.

Everything is professionalized in terms of globalization. Where is the real communication and social relations? With the new ‘facebook-type networking system’, people can communicate or follow people who know from the past or even who don’t recognize.

We don’t need to make face to face contact with other people. This is a real big problem of the ‘new global world’.

The process of technology equals to reproduction of collectively shared values and beliefs.(John. B. Thompson,1990) and this collectivity causes to be created new ‘social order’. The process shows us the new world affected by globalization system with all political, economic and cultural values and the world is going through the ‘one world’.