The Political Economy of Communication, Vincent Mosco

In Mosco’s model of political economy, the control and the survival that related with the maintainence of social order are the main point to explain political economy. He focuses on four main characteristic of critical political economy:

  • Social change and history: Political economy continues the tradition of classical theorists, uncovering the dynamics of capitalism,its cyclical nature, the growth of monopoly capital, state apparatus and so on.
  • Social totality: The political economy is holistic that explores the relations among commodity, institutions , social relations and hegemony. It explores the determination among these elements.
  • Moral Philosophy: The analysis of economic system and also discussion of the policy problems and moral issues that arise from it.
  • Praxis: Political economists attempt to transcend teh distinction between researc and plicy, orienting their work toward actual social changes and practice.
the political economy of communications, Janer Wasko