İz Tv

Most of the television programes aim to gain profits rather than teach something.There aren’t lots of mass media types which not dependent on advertising or consumer purchase. Maybe some tv channels. İz tv is one of them. It is the first documentary channel of the Turkey. The broadcasting of this channel looks like the National Geographic Channel and the Discovery Channel. The slogan of this channel is “Everything leaves a trace behind”. It hasn’t got any aim to earn lots of money or these kind of approaches. It tries to make informative and instructive broadcasting. It gives lots of information about the different countries through the travel programes and it also gives place  independent documentaries which came from the students.  There aren’t any big companies behind of this channel for making profits. Spinal Cord Paralysis Association  and Shelter Volunteers are the media sponsors of this tv channel.  İz tv creates the concept of sincere documentaries. Because lots of people don’t watch too much documentary but this channel reduced documentaries to a simpler state. When you watched, you were learning lots of things about your country also the other foreign countries and at the same time you were having a good time.