What does we get from Network Society?

Our societies are shifting rapidly from industrial to informational, so in today’s world, Network Society is gained biggest importance at all. According to Global Network Society theory, people do not have any cultural shock any more. They know everything they need to know. They have Facebook to find relationship, Google to ask questions, Twitter to follow people they do not know, MySpace to share their talents, LinkedIn to find job and etc.
In Network Society, it is not all about you but it is all about your data. What do you like to watch, eat, visit or like that. This video which I want to share with you is about positive sides of Network Society. Please click here to watch. 

On the other hand, in Network Society besides its positive effects, there is a dark side of it. Especially about privacy section. People’s private data are recorded by these social network sites, then they are used both for marketing studies and by other followers. Also, isolation from the real society is another big problem in Network Society. Please click here to watch the video about dark sides. And about privacy side, please click here to watch the video.

In 2010, The Social Network movie was released which is the movie about the establishment of Facebook. It is realy reflective movie about its rising. You can watch the trailer from here, and watch small study result on Obsession About Facebook from this link as well. .