Media Imperialism and American Way of Life

In week 12, we talked about Cultural Imperialism and media imperialism differences. As we mentioned, Cultural Imperialism is broader than Media Imperialism in its context. In this post I want to examine some visual examples to enlighten these concepts.
 Fast foods and beverage brands are highly obvious examples about Cultural Imperialism. Brands like McDonals, Coca-Cola and Starbucks can be analyzed with their commercials. When we look at their commercials in different countries, we can all see that they bring “American Way of Living” to other nations and traditions. All commercials imitate this living culture and Cultural Imperialism of United States of America complete its mission. In this video, different commercials with country’s name shows us this example openly. Please click here to watch. 

Therefore, Disney can be served as an another example which creates Cultural Imperialism through its cartoon characters among children in different countries in the world. In this video, there several examples which are really interesting about listening these mentioned cartoons’ soundtracks. With or without conscious, children are effected from these point of views. These are like subliminal messages but also they give a sense of how to think about the West and the Rest, for example; Arabs as barbars. Please click here to watch. 

On the other hand, as we discussed in the class, Media Imperialism has two different sides. Positive and negative. Nations’ attractions with media can have various results. In positive aspect; we can give women rights example. American way of living and women reflection created more powerful images in other country’s media as well. We can not refuse this reality. Women have started to act like these Hollywood powerful and sexy women, and they have created activist revolutions to become like them. Both in America and other countries, this side of the Media Imperialism gained supporters. There is a really explanatory video and images. Please click here to watch.  

As we said, Media Imperalism has two sides. One of them is negative. In negative aspect; main current media channels like BBC or CNN reflect only American side of some realities like Iraq War.  They show images or news from one side and dominate people’s minds with the idea that the war is fundamental to make Iraq more civilized. But, there are two sides of coin and this video reflects how Media Imperalism can change some realities and push other countries in wrong manner. Please click here to watch.