Information is Power : A quote by Johnny Mnemonic

Information become a currency of today’s world. Those who control the information are considered as most powerful man in the planet. The notion of ‘information’ that explains as the processed data regarding to the phenomena or person or fact, is based on the communication devices developed in World War II.
Claude E. Shannon, mathematician and electrician, who had worked in Bell Laboratories, studied on the secret codes and cryptography. His works supported to develop the mathematical theory of information.

Shannon’s model is simply explained as following ; source of information produces the message; the encoder of transmitter transfers the message to signals; the channel is used to send the signals; the receiver gets and decodes them and finally receiver gets the information. Theory also provided measurement of transmitted information thru channels with the values of information defined as bits.

Information impacts can be seen not only in technology but in films, animation, literature, graphic novel shaped and transformed new ideas keeping  theory basis as same.

William Gibson, famous science fiction novelist, created cyberpunk stream, used information transmission idea by human in their novels. One of his short story about an information transmitter, called Johnny Mnemonic, filmed by Robert Longo in 1995.
According to the plot, “Johnny Mnemonic” is a data transmitter who has undergone cybernetic surgery to have a data storage system implanted in his head. The system allows him to store digital data too sensitive to risk transmission on computer networks. To keep the cargo secure, the data is locked by a password known only to the intended recipient. Johnny enters a trance-like state while the data is being transferred or the passwords are being exchanged, making him unaware of the contents and unable to retrieve it. He makes a modest living by physically transporting sensitive information for corporations, underworld crime rings or wealthy individuals in the era of ‘Information is Power.’

In simplified manner, Johnny is a kind of walking transmitter for the receivers who pay money for a the valuable information.
In some extend, science fiction novelist is a kind of fortune teller by reading the signals of changing world. Going thru their steps, and remembering the  broad applications of ‘information theory’ in many field, it would not be a surprise to meet human transmitters or receivers around us in near future.

Reference for  the plot : Imdb film site (video trailer)