Sex and The City as a Cultural Product

In week 10, we talked about Cultural Products and some trends which producers turn artistic products to cultural products with economic revenues.

Sex and The City itself is a very fundamental example in this topic due to its process of being cultural product. Firstly, it has published Grand Central and written by Candace Bushnell who writes column for New York Observer. It was New York Times bestseller and then HBO decided to create the book’s television comedy drama series. Broadcasted from 1998 until 2004. During its six-year run, various producers, writers and directors worked for the show.

Because of its huge viewers throughout the world, Hollywood decided to make the show’s first movie in 2008 “Sex and The City” and than its sequel “Sex and The City 2” in 2010.

In the end, as we look at the all process, journalistic documents are became book, than television show was appeared and two Hollywood movies are made. So, artistic product became cultural product and most American women, also worlwide women imitated Sex and The City as a holy bible.

Different sociology departments conducted several studies about the show and its effects. Million dollors public relation and advertising campaigns were conducted and economic income was huge from this artistic show as a product.

There is a important video which is prepared by Emory University Sociology Department about Sex and The City. Please click here.