week 13- New media order

In comparison of traditional media, new media give a chance to interaction in an media environment. Not only the Internet, many computer-based program, home theaters, DVDs, VCDs many kinds of new media technologies replace in our lives.

First of all, address an issue of internet, internet as a addiction itself. In addition to today individual starts to earn money from internet with many marketing tactics. Many large internet pages use personalized interface to create use and gratification .Those are made personalize in return for small number of money. Moreover big business create psychological need buy something for their target audiences from internet banner and ads, their purposes motive them to consumption.

Inside of Internet-based applications, computer-base application also motives them to consumption. The purpose of selling programs are which are Office, Windows, Photoshop, and so on both motive to consumption of individual initial purchase and invest latent consumption too. Because they can offer constantly updates ones. To sum up new media order to be slaves of people more than old one especially in the market systems.