The relation between Globalization and Simulation

Economy,transportation,industry,technology and these kind of things are integrated with each other without any boundary with the globalization. According to Appadurai; Globalization is brought away the concept of time and space.

It did it wih the helping of technology. In the past, people didn’t manage to reach the knowledge very easily for example; people didn’t find lots of sources about some subjects or they didn’t see the photographs or videos about the different events from the all over the world. Without doubt they  heard or saw these kind of things from the televison or radio or newspapers but the internet is moved these situation in a very different area which name is simulation. All the action films and all the computer games can be given as an example of the simulation. When we watched or played these kind of films or games, we are fascinated and all of the things which we watched are came us so real and we are surprised. This situation is also occurred in the real life. There are lots of events happen in the world like wars, conflicts, starvations and these kinds of events. With the helping of technology,we watched them instantly in our houses like a simulation, they are so close but at the same time they are so far away for us. Globalization is presented us a new world.