Too Proud to be Prejudiced?

We are living in a such world that we come up any kind of products served for us concerning certain economic foundation. Written by Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice is one of the world classics today. It is now for sure that since first published in 1813, the novel and the plot itself has been transformed into many different versions around the world. What are the effects behind that? It is all good to say that different types of a product are disseminated with the help of the media, but this case rather depends on economic concerns and, according to me opinion, it is generally the case in todays world.

We face Mona Lisas on the cover of notebooks at stationery,on the mugs we drink coffee, and t-shirts we wear. The Pride and Prejudice is another instance for this case showing us that even in art and its subtexts, there is economic concerns involved in. The book itself has been broadcast, used for TV commercial and even filmed, the title of which is changed into the ‘Bride and Prejudice’ for the Bollywood. This is true to say that all these things make our world enriched; but, I reckon that art , at least literature should not be degraded into such a place in the last instance for economic policies by the authorities to open up new industries. Ms. Austen would have appreciated that even 198 years later her work-of-art is still popular; but I am highly sure that she would rather not wanted such a place it is unconventionally in now.