Deep Focus on “Global Village”

As we discussed, in today’s world,  message and medium changed and medium directly became a message. All movies, books and media channels have different roles but in common they serve for one reason then create our “global village”. No matter if you are Japanese or American, Arabic or Turkish, you all get in common with one point of medium. For example, I watch Bertolucci’s movie then another person in China watch this movie either. If we have a chance to meet together, we can have a discuss about the movie easily. So, in today’s world we do not have one medium and we can reach whereever we want.  The internet is the most important medium in 20th century in this sense.

According to the McLuhan, who is the inventer of the term “Global Village”, the man of this century is highly different from the past’s. Because of the options of reaching everywhere, men and the world’s improvement is changed naturally.

There are fundamental interviews which were conducted with McLuhan by CBS and another channels. I find them truely functional to understand the term in focus.

For watching the interview with McLuhan, please click here. 

This is a video which focuses on “The medium is the message”, please click here. 


On the other hand, Mad Men which is one of the important serials about advertisement and media institutions, has an episode about “The medium is the message”, for watching please click here.

Moreover, the internet we mentioned above, is the most important medium in today’s world, and becoming global village issue gets rises with the internet. But most governments try to avoid from this situation with cencorship. This is the video which focuses on this point. Please click here.