Media Effects

Turkey devastated by the quake last week which showed Turkish solidarity to the world once more. Allowing for the last week’s topic, I would like to mention about two projects in which the society participated substantially. In the weekdays of last week, there was a live program stream jointly broadcast on two rival channels concurrently. The theme was based on collecting donations to the victims of the earthquake in eastern Turkey. The result was huge, thanks to many people collectively participated into this program. This case shows us TV is maybe the most crucial medium to attract people’s attention and make them contribute at hard times.
The second project was a rock concert, called ‘Rock for Van’. There have been speculations that even people abroad or non-Turkish citizens bought the tickets in order to contribute to the victims even though they might have gone to the concert place.
Turkey’s agenda is changing so constantly that one day we cry for the trapped people, one day we lose ourselves in trifling issues. At this point, the media is the tool to circulate happenings; but, on the other hand, also a kind of authority to shape our sentiments and the way we reason ourselves and the world.