Media Effect on Body Image

Media effect was our last week’s topic and we discussed how it effects, also what it effects.
Now, i want to mention about media effect on body image, i think that it is one of the most important effects of media on individuals and also on society.

We meet how we should look like every moment of our lives on newspapers, magazines, internet, TVs… Moreover, advertisements are everywhere, streets, buses, taxis, cafes, restaurants, toilets.. all of these present us perfect body images. Especially most of them are about women, however in recent years, media create handsome, strong men images. But in this article i want to state that body images of women in media, because it continues for a long time so we know lots of things effects of this images.

When we look at women images, we will see they are thin, beatiful, sexy, fashionable. They are really different than avarage women. You can see some statistics about this topic on video. The women who see perfect women images every moment are not pleased their appearance. İn conclusion, women want to look like thinner and it was the basic problem that causes eating disorders, like anorexia. Their perception of body is distructed and they always perceive their body is fat. Also, they are losing their self-esteems, because they believe that they always look like more beatiful, more sexy, more fashinable, more and more.

If you google, you will see many campaigns and projects to create healty women images in media.