Media Effects

Radio Days is a very good example for the stimulus-response model according to the messages which was given by the radio and the reactions and feelings of the peoples to the radio messages. Radio Days talks about the golden age period of the radio when the television didn’t hit its mark in that term yet. The film shows the radio effects through the middle-class family. These effects are mostly about the everyday life. The family members accompanied the songs which played on the radio and then sometimes they started to dreaming when they listened a story from the radio and they are also sad and happy at the same time during the listening the news. When they listened good news they are so happy but they can be also unhappy too. For example in the film the little girl fall into the pit and the radio informed to the listeners about this event and at the end the little girl did not found alive although all the pursuits. And also the listeners felt nervous, excited and unhappy because there was war in that years and the radio also informed about the war. All these things show that the radio and the people’s relation connected and interacted with each other. Radio was the only media device in that years and it included an important place of the society. The voice of the radio filled the spaces of the radio listener’s life. Their feelings, point of views about the life and these kinds of things were shaped and effected by the radio.

Good night, and good luck tells about the media life. This film argues the duties and functions of the television and also the television workers and it tries to search and shows the answers of these questions; what is the purpose of the television and how the broadcasting should be done. According to the this film, the television just a luminous cable box if it is not working in a good manner and if it makes just one sided broadcasting because of special benefits. At the end of the film Edward Murrow who is a very famous television journalist and announcer said that about the television; this instrument can teach, it can illuminate; yes, and it can even inspire. but it can do  so only to the extent that humans are determined to use it to those ends. Otherwise it is merely wires and lights in a box. Good night, and good luck.

As far as we understood that the influence of the media is very important on the individuals since the past and it seems that it will be more important in the future.

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