The Effect of Media and the Cause of Violence: The result is the transformation of ‘Innocent People’

According to ‘Lowery and Defleur(1995)US Surgeon General’.
The practical issue of media effects identified by the violence and agression portrayed in content has been the object of so much research that it requires to be treated separetly at this point. The kinds of effect that are generally suspected are mainly of an unintended and short-term character, although longer terms consequences in the way of behaviour patterns and cultural change are also possible. In its earliest days media research was strongly driven by the search for evidence of harm to young people from the frequent representation of crime and agression. Each new popular medium has given rise to a new wave of alarm about its possible effects.
Television content is heavily saturated with violence and children are spending more and more time exposed to violent content. Overall, the evidence supports the htpothesis that the viewing of violent entertainment increases the likelihood of agressive behaviour.
I think that the violence spreads out consistently by aid of media’s effect. When we look news on TV, we can see in many countries, children attack schools or murder their professor or schoolmates. For example in 2007, in U.S a student murdered 32 other students in Virginia Technical University. When we see this we are paralyzed. According to this we can understand how media has power on children. They can affect easily by a film or by news to create a virtual world in their mind. Moreover there are many elements of media that children can be affected by. For example, in cartoons the violence is very disturbing. There are always some people who fight each other or rake with guns so this directs children to do something bad. The most important question is why this harm makes them happy and how the television helps to create this area?