Representing ‘ the other’ (week -3)

The terms of radical media or alternative media can be thought as an extra presentation style and settlement instead of being perceived them as some enterprises that try to replace mainstream media or destroy mainstream media structure in the world.Some spesific groups who especially belong to particular race, ethnicity, political belief, sexual tendency, educational-economical,social class haven’t been represented enough or as equal- fair-objective ways in generally mainstream media channels.No matter if it is tv channel, radio channel, movie or magazine, this is actually a bit rebellion to elitist dominancy for people who believes repressed, ignored , infringed , pushed to back side people also had needed to show themselves to the around.Without seeking for serious profit,financial incomes by rejecting even advertising stuffs and sometimes by using volunteer workers and letting unprofessional,amateur guys for creating, distributing , broadcasting are not easy things to do without passion especially when the matter is not having capital, state-trade help behind you.Participation, being┬áheterogeneous, horizontally settlement, information-ideology flows, being almost non-profit, minority,role replacement are just some key words from their world views- alternative media descriptions.Alternative media try to show readers can be writers and consumers can be producers too in this role and duty exchance according to their perspective.Opening a channel of communication for misrepresented, stigmatized or repressed societal groups is a part of alternative media description when we look at most of academic texts.It is all about freedom, democracy, being against to dark side of capitalism and shifting little bit socialism as understanding under the roof of humanity and equality.Another key word for alternative media is rhizome.Characteristics of rhizome are explained in texts as the principles of connection ,heterogeneity,multiplicity,asignifying rupture when we try to connect it to alternative media.Too many lines are getting growing from rhizome like alternative media, fresh , new and very promising.Radical media or alternative media shouldn’t be thought as recidivist things which trying to bury mainstream media to the ground but instead we may imagine them as extra sources, objective sources, alternative world views, giving chance to them always turn back us as positive way especially in today’s very complicated, blurred and capitalist world.