Social Networks, Advantages and Disadvantages

Social networks are groups of people connected by one or more types of social relationships, such as friendship, kinship or common interests.

The most popular, certainly are: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Sonic, Bebo, MySpace, Hi5, Orkut, Friendster, Ning, Badoo and MyLife among others.

These social networks offer many advantages over e-mail, forums and chat, asynchronous and given his personal character, and the relative simplicity of its interfaces.

The advantages of networking

  • Socialization:

Considered by many the major advantage is that allows us to learn and internalize norms and values needed to relate with other individuals, either with friends from the past, current or new friends.

As in real life, in the virtual universe, there is a big community within each social network, in which all can participate, but with the proviso adapt to their standards, so it is necessary to know the netiquette of social networks.

Therefore users of social networks become active members of a small virtual society, where they can interact with others for the purposes they wish, friendship, love, business contacts, exchange of views, businesses, etc..

  • Job:

Since the emergence of the Internet in the world, has completely changed the way people find work.

Many companies have social environments in which communicate job opportunities, receive resumes and job interviews even realize. Besides using these platforms you can do all kinds of contacts, which can be used to find some work, they can even recommend to get a job.

A social network that focuses on this category is LinkedIn, so if you are interested in making professional and business contacts, it is important to take advantage of this network.

  • Business:

This category is closely related to the previous one, but the difference is not about getting a job, because you have a physical or virtual (Web site) you want to promote business.

It’s not just advertising to get new customers, but it also seeks to identify with the brand, important information, reviews and comments of the product or service, allowing you to correct anything that is wrong and achieve strengthen the relationship with your customers or consumers.

Interestingly, it is free, but requires time and effort, both for a small business that want to get noticed, or for a longer stay positioned brand you like on the first level.

The benefits we provide social networks are not just for businesses but for us consumers, and we will receive best deals, best deal and solutions to our problems related to products or services.

  • Information:

Although social networks are not focused in obtaining the information we provide highly relevant information through web sites, blogs and our contacts.

From minor issues like events to attend this weekend, the birthday of a friend or the latest releases at the cinema, even more relevant information and publications on topics of our interest, current news or important events in the life of our friends or contacts.

The primary information we receive is a significant advantage because the reader is facing the source, thus get better results.

Either way, social media provide us with a wealth of information, more social and personal.

The disadvantages  of Social media are:

• Exhibition of our private lives, if not properly configured privacy.

• There may be cases of impersonation.

• Lack of control data.

• They can become addictive.

• Can steal content we publish.

• Can be used by criminals for data on crime victims.

• Threats are made, discriminate, are scams and inciting violence through internet, because anyone can create a false identity that will be very difficult to discover.

No one denies the great potential of these social networks, but be very careful, especially when there are children in the home.

Therefore it is recommended to maintain certain nonpublic personal information; on the other hand, be respectful and not insulting, not incite violence or discrimination, or anything we do not like us.