How Might Critics Speculate Common Knowledge?

Common knowledge, or other forms of free distributions to any particular software is the space that take place in the spaces of internet, no doubt that they contribute to creation of free spaces yet, I could not find such thing that create revolutionary alterations or urgently important discovery. For instance, Wikipedia, in my point of view, helps to enlarge mind and also make easier access to knowledge. In order not to break the tradition of flows, let’s talk about Wikipedia as a case.
Wikipedia offer us number of different language so that I believe that, it smoothes the way of access to knowledge and it break the predominant position of the English language. Yet, it can be criticized that English or other Western language like French, German, and Spanish are still the dominant ones. Yet, this criticizing does not come to me fair because it is related to its user because it offers free distribution. In stress, it illustrated quite important phenomena which is about rates of the internet usage, this circumstances indicated that usage of internet more developed in the Western countries and, ‘old’ colonies of the West do not have same opportunities to log on to knowledge.
Besides, Wikipedia has been criticizing in terms of its many dimensions such as free labour, quality of the content, and creation of technocratic elites. In fact, it is again not fair to criticize that its quality because it is open to intervention. Also, the risk of technocracy is common any form of social media practices. The important thing is that not to yield to the technocracy. In addition to that, concept of the production of labour has been radically changed in the contemporary period and this is the consent that given ‘voluntarily’ so that I do not think that there is exploitation of the labour in Wikipedia, it just back up the free- labour. Therefore, my revised generalization argued that critics to Wikipedia or other common knowledge sources are so speculative therefore, critics do not work properly.