Online Revolutions as Surveillance

Online revolutions are the accounts that currently we encounter in all over the globe such as U.SA. as Occupy Wall Street Movement or Arab Springs in the middle east or lastly Gezi Park Movement that we experienced in the İstanbul, Turkey. The common key point about this movement is that they mostly oriented within the existence of online interventions with usage of facebook, twitter or any form of alternative broadcasting that shows us brutal police violence against the resistant participant. Therefore, these revolutions or movement can be seen as online revolutions because of its spirit and conceptualization regarding to usage of free technology and social media practices.
It was truly emancipated individuals yet I will prefer to focus that how technology also controls us within these movements because in the modern period, surveillance mostly occurred within the existence of the technological possibilities so that it should be remembered that our connections to the internet was cancelled in the demonstration and it was quite difficult to access facebook or twitter because on one hand, servers were overloaded but also government attempted to control via internet with using their power. Also, access to youtube is still problematic in Turkey. There is different ‘illegal’ way to access but citizens not enabled to access youtube.
In this picture, I concern that to use social media organ as a revolutionary components or agents because our connection to it could easily affected and harsh surveillance practices can be occurred. For instance, number of individual arrested just because their twitter account was against the governmental power sources. Thus, it is quite important to realize that while we are mentioning about social media’s powerful practices, it should also be realized that it is highly weak in the sense that official institutional practices. Therefore, my suggestion is that to empower our official right to access internet, supporting of free, unrestricted internet should be added to our discourse in order to make revolutions more secure and effective.