Wikipedia: Open Space of Information

Wikipedia is an internet-based encyclopedia that allowed people to create something, share their knowledge and more importantly participate in information sharing. The encyclopedia has become so large that you run across it all the time in Google. In Addition, Wikis in general are growing because they are as simple as can be. That simplicity means that people find them easy to use, just like emails and blogs. Like emails and blogs, Wikis also perform a very useful service in a simple way. A wiki allows a group of people to enter and communally edit bits of texts. These bits of text can be viewed and edited by anyone who visits the wiki. A great number of people around the world use this engine to make research and learn about new things. Its ease of access and reliability have made it more interesting for internet users to get information, and in only one click !
However, one question that may pop in people’s minds is; how accurate are the wikis?