Culture Jam: Hijacking commercial culture

Culture Jamming is a resistance to a dominant hegemonic force. The act of “jamming” can be done in many different ways, whether it is putting up posters with counter-ideologies like Fairey does, or acts of resistance or protest.
The concept of culture jamming really blossomed in most recent years thanks to the increasing technological advancements, especially the internet. For Fairey in particular, plastering posters of scenes of pro-love, anti-war and anti-bush really allows others to question whether or not the messages that we are being told are really the truth, and whether we should really take them at face value or not. The most well known type of culture jamming is subvertising. Subvertisements are creative anti-ads targeted at conspicuous consumption considered endemic of capitalistic societies. These images variously target consumers themselves or large corporations, often with a specific message to get people thinking about what and/or why they buy.
The pictures below are examples of culture jamming/resistance