Computing Practices: Enabling of the Free Agents

Computing practices is truly associated with the increased figure of technology and also the discussions of new public spheres and democratic electronic areas.

The sophisticated technology make easier to participation to social event because it increase the social bounds and accessibility. The intensified point of technology enables us to produce knowledge and meaning because in historical process, internet access started to be eligible and cheaper. Therefore, this trend encourage rebellious groups to produce new, undistorted knowledge but they also aimed to harm powerful media organization and social groups such as hacking practices of counter supporter of government.

I assumed that computing practices permit that to construct liberal, boundless spaces even if, all attempts of regulation practices because technological information led us to determine the rules of internet and technology. This new public spheres introduce to unspoken subject of the grand, modernizing project because number of different social group has being silenced with applying to disciplinary power and so on during the one dimensional modernization process.

I also cogitate that computing practices democratized citizenship in somehow because I do not believe that consumption of technology and internet are not equal around globe since one can argue that internet consumption can be clarify with the analysis of stratification circumstances of cyberspace. Thence, different conditions regarding to income, ethnicity, and gender should be taken into our account.

In addition to that, hacking practices is not always express positive attitude because as we discussed in the class, there are two different types of the hacking practices: white and black hacking. Therefore, number of powerful groups could encounter with attack of people who has a bad intention. Therefore, hacking practices should be considered both its advantage and its unsolicited results.