Cultural Jamming: The Sources of Art, Impression, Passivation and Tyranny

The topic of ‘Tactics of Cultural Resistance’ was most influential and inspiring topic during the semester for me. Openning up class with the discussion of Dada increased my motivation. Apart from my personal feeling through the class, I want to search for the reason of my interaction towards topic therefore, I will make a self-reflexivity to myself and then I will strive to cover up my concern and thinks about the cultural resistance’ projects.
I believe that the discourse of capitalism truly legitimize the such stuff that aiming to promote itself as strategic, tactical, deliberate, calculated and so on forth. Therefore, the term tactical remind me the effectiveness of the capitalist system but in contrast, it affiliated with the practices of alternative media, resistance to hegemony, counter-culture and so on. Therefore, it linked with positive attitude in the sense that its connotation. Therefore, I probably interest it because the agency was changing and they started to control action process rather than to watching passively.
Cultural resistance make easier to resist and oppose to mainstream forms of the media. I think the concept of cultural resistance express the wholly approach and outlook of the alternative media projects. It can be argued that concepts and metaphors are making easier to make affiliations within the theoretical approaches so that to conceptualize struggles within the notion of ‘cultural resistance’ or ‘cultural jamming’ increase the way of attention and consideration to these media projects.
Cultural jamming projects are mostly attempting to make emotional contacts with using the distorted art forms thence, people could get in touch and contact with the messages more easily. I found jamming projects quite manipulative but it is the most important point of their action. In stress, these projects have vast potential to create non-hegemonic messages in the streets, billboards and in the surveillance system. In addition to that, my concern is derived from that they have a potential to turn into tyranny of the passivity which is expressing for me group of people that has lost their awareness throughout the social strata and politics. Also, I could argued that it is more important to encourage people to act and rebel rather than to impress because this point sometimes might be turned into shocking in which people passivated and lost their direction against the exploited system. Yet, this possibility always exists so that producers of the jamming projects should keep in mind this threat.
My example is deriving from the jamming project of unknown group in İstanbul who change the billboards with non-hegemonic discourses against municipality. The core thing of the action was that to change official language of the municipality because they do not perform their role to protect powerless social group but after alteration of the billboard, discourse was totally changed and this action empowered this passivated social groups.