Social Media as an ‘Alternative’

Because of the media conglomeration and restrictions to the radical media, people started to look for new ways to get information from more reliable sources rather than the traditional media that do not share the information and hide facts based on their biases.

Especially thanks to the development of the internet, it has become easier to achieve the means of production of media. Therefore, more and more independent internet newspapers, blogs and zines started to emerge every day. It can be said that alternative media changed the way we perceive the contemporary world.

After the social movement Gezi in Turkey, people started to realize that the mainstream media was not enough to get information about what was going on. This is when the importance of alternative media was realized by the people. For example, social media has been used during the resistance in order to communicate and organize.

However, it (social media) is used by the government too and it is not completely free from regulations or restrictions of the government. If it is not used for propaganda of the government like the state owned channels always do, than it is always under pressure. For example, twitter has been seen as a trouble by our PM, so he simply banned access from Turkey for his own agenda. Consequently, it shows how the alternative media should be free from all the regulations and restrictions that limit our freedom.