Multi-layered meanings of ‘alternative’

Alternative media is the common contrast in the circumstances of binaries that both distinct and integrate different forms of social reality. This type of media mainly attempts to construct a space in order to criticize mass media and empower citizens with considering function of media as a public model.
The most obvious reflection of me is that there were incredible numbers of definition to express what is ‘alternative’. Even though, they might have particular differences in itself but it is quite difficult to make a distinction between those alternative media approaches. For instances, radical media, activist media, tactical media are one of the title of those approaches. Yet, they actually could be seen as fundamentally in the same way because their main attempt is highly clear that aim to construct news to support social reality and support citizen rather than to fund power holders. My primitive reflection might be quite manifest so that it is more important to comprehend reason of those distinction in a much more sophisticated way.
Discussions between those different alternative media segments illustrated that they are focusing on some different partial of the term ‘alternative’. For instance, one of the reflections while caring the expression of ‘democratic potential’, other approach could care about socialist possibilities, participatory communication or alternative as a form of art. Therefore, it is difficult to argue that they are same in general because different alternative media units strive to create meaning with their approaching to term alternative.
Consequently, the most adequate argument can be conceptualize within the realization of different forms of alternatives and also those distinctions demonstrate that alternative is a vigorous term that have a potential to embody different forms of meaning throughout the dominant social strata. Therefore, this divided parts of the alternative media approaches could not be articulated in one dimension.