To understand Mainstream Media and Alternative Media

Mainstream Media
Mainstream media generally uses as a voice of the majority. Therefore mainstream media typcially reach a larger audience. Its outlet found on television, radio, in newspaper and other publications. These extensive links of communication provide them being effective and powerfull. It makes easy to achieve their aim. The main aim of mainstream media organization is to amuse people towards their benefits. These organizations make money appealing as many people as possible. They seem people as part of their project. Hence they want to see people as uneducated and unconscious which means that from books to movies to magazines are built by mainstream media organizations.
Alternative Media
The main aim of alternative media is to offer different perspective that presents the truths that is not under the control of goverment or big business organizations. Alternative media may involve traditional media forms such as newspaper, magazines,television, radio and film, like mainstream media, as well as non-traditional media such as zines and other web-based publications (e-books, e-magazines, blogs, streamed video).Additionally it also includes street theatre, dance, murals, postering, leaflet, comics, grafiti. The main function is to challenge to status quo and provide alternative perspectives. In conclusion, alternative media serves participatory platforms that share and express free idea via created communication way.