The first experience as the author as producer in the alternative media platform: Flows

Alternative media is much more comprehensive issue than it is predicted. In the literature, it is possible to mention about the various perspectives in order to conceptualize the alternative media. Consequently, it should be considered as the general umbrella that gathers different perspectives and paradigms through challenge to the dominant power in terms of its production, content, participation, form, distribution and so on. Beyond the mass communication, it asks different questions so as to constitute itself with its distinctive features that provide being the alternative. From how can include everyone into the communication process as participatory, how media can provide the space for minorities to express their opinion, how unequal flows of communication regulated to how citizens can attend public affair. The critical thing is that these questions are kind of reflections of the main concerns of the alternative media, from this point of view, providing emancipatory and democratic potential of the new media and communication can be considered as main concerns.
First and foremost, through providing two-way communication, alternative media annihilates the sharp distinction between producer and receiver. As Benjamin conceptualizes that the author as producer, receiver gains active role as a subject, because they become included the both production and participation process. The author as producer manifest itself in non-hierachial and horizontal structure as Deleuz and Guattari emphasizes with the notion of rhizome. It means that without no hierarchy and domination, everyone can reflects opinion in order to raise discussion in the public sphere regardless their gender, religion, ethinicity, social classes and so on. This situation also ensures the empowerment of the receiver, because it makes possible to reflects their experience in the large extent interactively and in this way they learn how contribute and participate the media in order to provide democratic attitudes from micro level to macro level, from media to politics.
In addition, in general tendency, alternative media is defined especially as except the mainstream media. However this kind of approach to the alternative media is not enough in order to comprehend its meaning entirely, because it causes the restriction of its meaning. In particular, if critical media product has potential to make the medium as critical medium even if produced in traditional/mainstream media, it can be categorized under some circumstances as alternative media. It means that the audience realizing or without realizing may be in the process of production of critical media as the alternative media although other qualities for being alternative still can not achieved. For instance, recently after the death of Berkin Elvan, radio programmer Arzu Çağlayan in Best FM, throughout three days, memorialized him via emphasizing his death by police officers in Gezi Resistance. In the framework of this example, while Best FM is known as one of the mainstream radio channel in Turkey, remembrance of Berkin Elvan can be thought as critical media product that make Best FM alternative media under this circumstance. Also she was fired from her job because of questioning domination and it shows that how mainstream media can return the alternative media through producing critical medium now and again especially in the social movements times.