The alternative media is making it visible to the truth (Week 3)

Based on the “Another media is possible” idea of the alternative media has many different forms in the world. It gives voices to the voiceless, media power to the powerless as well as to transcend the filtering and cencorship of information by corporate information monopolies, state monopolies, or cultural monopolies in public information and communication. Plenty of web sites, tabloid magazines, comics, social platform, graffiti, news portal, public theatre can named in alternative media.
Content and form of traditional media are ideological. It is not independent of the state rules. Because of this, mainstream and/or traditional media have to faitful to rules which decides what can be said or not. Therefore, the most power of the alternative media is making it visible to the truth. Because, alternative media can not precluded in certain extent.
This condition be seen principally economic perspective, unemployment, sexism, ethnic discrimination, etc. Traditional media are covered by the rules of law and financial resources which are the most powerful cencorship. Therefore, number of alternative media producers are increasing with each passing day. And alternative media sources usually explain of the real reason and/or number for incidents. As a consequence, alternative media is crosscheck for traditional media and dominants.