The End is Important.

Be alternative in the life means be different to the normal attitude, can be because the normal attitude is being lead for the people who have the money or the power, and if you are not inside of this little crew, it is difficult to give your opinion to the world, because of this it is important the creativity at the time to find a new media, a alternative media.
This people that are trying to find this kind of media, are people against the normal situation, and how is the world nowadays, and the easy way to connect thru the new technologies, we can see appear a lot of new alternative media.
Now people from around the world are in touch, and they share a lot of complaints, and it means that no only a few persons from a city are thinking something different, it means that the minorities are bigger than they imagined.

But we will see if it worth, if this new technologies, and alternative medias at the end can change the world, and make it more fair, or the people with the money it is going to be always managing the governments.