15 M Social Movement/ Social Media.

Social movements and social change structures emerged historically as a result of social crises and because there are different ideological orientations.
Emerge as ways of organizing all kinds of groups and social classes (from the elites to the marginalized), sometimes identified with a political field more or less concrete, and sometimes so classless and multiparty.
Some examples of these are the feminist movement, the environmental movement, the worker, the pacifist and anti-militarist, anti-globalization and the most recent in its emergence in Spain, 15 M movement.
Lorenz von Stein (1846) states that: “a social movement is an aspiration for social sectors (classes) to achieve influence over the state, due to inequalities in the economy., For example, the aspiration of the proletariat to gain representation in the government systems “.
In Spain the first case of cyber social movement was produced after the attacks in Madrid on March 11, 2004, where thousands of young people were invited through SMS to protest against the information policy of the “Partido Popular”
These snapshots effective mobilization through SMS  constitute a new means of social organization, where people thanks to the potential of the mobile phone and the computer system is gathered, reported and summon their spontaneous demonstrations.
The use and popularity of social networks has generated and generates changes in countless areas in the life of the Spanish government opponents. They have also provided active citizen participation and civic organization socializing messages on Twitter.

Social Movement 15 M

With the advent of Web 2.0 and the birth with the role of social networks was the right time to create a revolution through the various potentials that gave them the network of networks to their users.
Social networks have had some role in the organization, integration of new members, disclosure, and calls for social protests. This virtual network has not been more than an effective communication channel to reach other people in the world, and make them part of their stated causes.
This interactive media, where the receiver is no longer a passive actor in the communication process and becomes an active agent, which through a simple text message can help change the world around him, it has become a powerful weapon in the struggle for “The Indignados” around the world .