Culture Jamming

Culture jamming is known as anti-consumerist social movements. Adusters is one of the important examples of it. Adbusters is defined as not-for-profit, anti-consumerist and pro enviornment. Some people characterise that as anti-capitalist. It has launched several international campaign such as, buy nothing day, Tv Turnoff week, Occupy Wall Street…
Culture jamming is seen as cultural, political and commercial symbols. It is no doubt that commercial is the best known form of culture jamming. Because that is seen as anti-consumerist social movement. In fact it is a form of activism and against the hegemony of popular culture. there are also political forms of culture jamming.


For instance this picture is an example of political forms of culture jamming. There is an aim of creating awareness against war.
In conclusion, cultre jamming seen on billboards, bus-ads, posters… we can see signs, symbols or advertisements on facebook, twitter or on a street. These can be an example of culture jamming to create a social awareness.