Social Media, Citizen Journalist.

Of all the latest news that you have read or heard, how many came from print media and how many from social media? We can not deny that this is a changing reality, and that more and more people are always carrying a smartphone, a tablet and are permanently connected, it makes the news arrive before we reach them through traditional media.

For example the death of Whitney Houston’s and Osama bin Laden or the confirmation of the ¬†spanish royal wedding have been before in the social media than in the traditional news. But, like everything, has its pros and cons. ? Compensates, for example, having the compressed information into 140 characters?.

Now a normal citizen with a smartphone is a journalist, and in my opinion it makes two big things, the first one as i said before it makes the information arrive so quick, and the second one is that we have more information about something, so we are closer to the truth.