Online Revolution

Online revoltions today thanks to the Internet. With internet developments social sites became active and world can contact easy and speedly. We see online revolutions succes in Arab Spring. And internet play major role in that time.

If we tcompare mainstream media and internet, we must talk about free speech and can free from resistance. Mainstream media make manipulate people nd make news from side of the government. Arab Spring lshow to us attackt to the goverment but with social media that people tell uys their aim and goals. In Tahrir people get common with social media. Facebook, tiwiteer , wikileaks etc, play important role. They contact with these platform and announce of the people what was happening. People can be find different opnion about whats going on. In that time it is the first time we see alternative nmkedia power. And differences from mainstream media. Today we live dinternet age and people can be find a way of support their ideas. Like annonymous is an example. They get collective on the internet and they can be resistance . It is important development on the media.