Brands also are using Alternative Media

When we talk about street marketing, we are talking about this marketing that is trying to copy the techniques of graffit, or any street art that we can imagine.
It happens because their target group probably are this kind of people that are following this Alternative Media, because of this, the normal media are not a correct channel to launch their publicity.
Banksy is one of the most famous graffiti drawers of the world, and always we can listen that he has a lot of offers to work with some famous brands, but of course he has declined all this offers, since in his opinion the alternative media is a way of expression of ideas, not a medium to sell nothing.
Also as we can imagine, advertising is always trying to find the most alternative way to reach us, and then they really can make  a surprise.
In my opinion, the street Marketing is a copy or an alliance  with the street art, with the objective to reach the people in a different way, and reach this people that are not following the mass media, using this technique is a way to try to find differentiation, and we can see clearly how this alternative media is so effective that the highest brands in the world are trying to imitate it.