Social Movements and Alternative Media


First of I would like to mention why alternative media plays an important role in social movments. It plays a significant role because alternative media is different from tradational media; while tradational media is one-way communication, alternative media presents opportunities to communicate people, share to people their ideas. Not only between people also between activists and organizations, people communicate and informed.
It is no doubt that social movements can be announced easier and faster through internet. Developing of social media, people can easily organize and arrange the movments. . thanks to Alternative media, people, activist and organiztions could find opportunity tor ise their voices. If they were limited with mainstream media, they could not have it. So that reason, we can say that alternative media helps to expand and spread social movements. Because unlike mainstream media, Alternative media does not only report, it also gives opportunities to people to be organized.
In conclusion, we can easily say that Alternative Media create a new form of public sphere. Because Alternative media constituted a democratic space to people. Unlike Alternative Media, mainstream media has some limitations in terms of democracy, such as, censorship, or governments policies. On the other hand mainstream media does not give much opportunities to people for participation. However thanks to Alternative Media, people can participate policies, agenda, or social problems. They can discuss these issues through internet and organize.